Where are we located?

At Saint Sauveur le Vicomte between la Haye du Puits and Valognes, between Portbail and Valognes.
Upon arrival in the city center, views on brown background about 1 meter from the ground with writing “Forest Adventure”; will indicate our site.

Should you book?

Off season (July and August), it is mandatory to book.
During high season, the reservation is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

How do you book?

Only by phone at 02 33 52 57 42

Can you eat on site?

We have a picnic area with tables, distributors of soft drinks and sweets.

And minors?

Of 2-9 years accompanied by an adult at least, and parental permission will be requested at the reception (provided by us).
For school groups, a list of children you will be asked.

And when it rains?

We remain open, there is no risk when it rains.
We close that when there is a storm or wind above 80km / h.